Environmental virology

  Monitoring Human Viral Pathogens Reveals Potential Hazard for Treated Wastewater Discharge or Reuse
  Experimental and CFD evaluation of Ozone Efficacy against Coronavirus and Enteric Virus Contamination on Public Transport Surfaces
  Discrimination of non-infectious SARS-CoV-2 particles from fomites by viability RT-qPCR
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   Assessment of ISO method 15216 to quantify hepatitis E virus in bottled water
   Interlaboratory comparative study to detect potentially infectious human enteric viruses in influent and effluent waters
   Irrigating Lettuce with Wastewater Effluent: Does Disinfection with Chlorine Dioxide Inactivate Viruses?
   Viability RT-qPCR to distinguish between HEV and HAV with intact and altered capsids. Ref. revista: Frontiers in Microbiology
   Occurrence of enteric viruses in reclaimed and surface irrigation water: relationship with microbiological and physicochemical indicators
   Virucidal effect of High Power Ultrasound Combined with a Residual Chemical Sanitizer containing Peroxyacetic Acid for water reconditioning in the Fresh-cut industry
   HEV Occurrence in Waste and Drinking Water Treatment Plants
   Optimization of PMAxx pretreatment to distinguish between human norovirus with intact and altered capsids in shellfish and sewage samples